Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New roommies!

Hello all. Its been about 2 weeks since I wrote last. My house has been a busy location.
    My nephew, his fiance and her little girl moved in with us. See they lived in a very dangerous part of Memphis and my husband couldn't stand that the little one was living there. So he offered them to move in with us about a month ago. Well they thought about it and took us up on the offer. They are getting married at the end of this month so they are also saving money by moving in also. So now I have a soon to be bride who is asking me lots of questions about the wedding day and needing help altering her wedding gown. This in conjunction with taking care of my mom. I'm trying to be calm in teaching this girl to clean behind herself. Its so annoying to learn new peoples habits and such. I think I am doing good not to choke her, lol. Just kidding. I stay on her butt and she is doing okay.
     My mom was feeling good today and I hope it continues for awhile. She rarely has good days anymore and I always hope she has more of those "Good" days. My grandmother, my moms mother, came to visit for a few days and stayed with my mom. The visit was good for both of them and it gave me a few days of no worries while she was there.
    Well next week I need to get my hair cut and go for our wellness check up for insurance purposes. Hope I can get those squeezed in with everything else.
     Have a good day and weekend everyone!!!