Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cirrhois Sucks!!!!!

Hello again everyone.
    I went to my mothers house Sunday afternoon to move her tv and directv box downstairs. While there, she was complaining about her right side hurting. Wait, let me give you some back story about my moms health.
    In February of this year my Mother was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. We don't know how or when she contracted this disease but we were told that she has probably had it for many years. That is very annoying because she was suppose to have been tested about 10 years ago and was told she didn't have Hep C. So as we are trying to absorb that news, she is admitted to the hospital and we find out she has Cirrhosis of the Liver. I listen to the news and secretly scream inside. As she is being wheeled downstairs for some procedure, I break down and cry, out loud this time. I just can't imagine losing my mom.
    Okay, so back to Sunday afternoon. She tells me about her pain so I tell her I will call her doctor Monday as soon as the office opens. Then Monday morning around 7:00am she calls me telling me she is throwing up blood again, still hurting and still very swollen. So off to her house I go, we head straight to the Emergency Room. I sooooooooooooooo hate sitting in the ER. Well of course they admit her yet again. My poor mom has been in the hospital 6, 7 or 8 times since February. I feel so bad for her. She received plasma and 1 unit of blood so far. More blood is on order, she has some antibodies in her blood that can be hard to find, so we are waiting. She had an endoscope run down her throat this afternoon. The doctors to find and tell us some good news, 1. her congested stomach is healing and doing much better, 2. her esophageal varices has healed and are gone. I am very happy about that. He found a small bleed and banded it and she will stay in the hospital for a few more days so they can watch her. I am so glad they were able to find the bleed this time.
    So I know where I will be for the next few days.
If you pray, please pray for my mom. If you don't pray, then please just throw out some good wishes for her instead.
   Thank you for reading and I hope you and yours are doing well.



  1. Thank you for sharing and for the opportunity to pray for your mother, you and your family. We pray for complete healing for your mother and that Holy Spirit comfort you during this time of total restoration for your mother!!! May God's peace and joy and His love cover you all, along with His grace and mercy. CRSisters

  2. CRSisters, thank you so much for you kind words.