Thursday, July 12, 2012

Honey, I'm Home!!

Hello everyone, I haven't posted since July of last year and I have decided to change the reason for my blog.     
     Those of you who followed me because of my Etsy shop or anything associated with Etsy, I apologize now. I will NOT be posting items in my shop or promoting anything from Etsy on here any longer. I wasn't getting any sales from having my blog so I stopped using it. Then this year my mom was told she has Hepatitis C and probably had it for years and now she has Cirrohois of the Liver. So I don't have time for my Etsy shop and have placed it in Vacation Mode. I hope to one day return to Etsy but for now, I am leaving my options open to care for my Mother.
     I have decided to use this blog for personal reasons. Whether it be my thoughts on events of my life, the world or the weather. This will be almost a journal for me. I understand that if you choose to UNfollow me. It will NOT hurt my feelings.
     Thank you for reading my blog in the past and hope you hang around and enjoy reading my blogs in the future.

Laugh Often and Love Always,

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