Sunday, July 22, 2012

Home sweet Home!!!

Hello again,
     Update on my mothers condition. She had to have a tube run up her nose and into her belly to drain the bile. She couldn't get anything moving and started vomiting and hurting badly. They gave her a shot of morphine and that eased her pain some then they ran the tube. She HATES the tube up the nose because she's had it several times before. The tube hurts her nose and her throat. Well she got lucky and the removed the tube the next day then starting letting her eat and the very next day she was released. I took her home and got her things put away and her settled back in at home and even checked her medicines. I am soooooooooo glad she is home and I know she is happy to be back in her own bed again.
    3 more mouths to feed.............My nephew and his fiancee and her little girl live in a very dangerous area in Memphis, Tn and hate it there. So me and my husband offered our house, 1 room to be exact. They will probably be moving in this next weekend. It will be an adjustment to have 2 more adults and 1 small child living here but we want to help them get away from the danger. They are getting married next month so they will be first using their money to pay for their small wedding. He has a job and she will be looking for one as soon as they move in over here. So after the wedding then they start saving for an apartment nearby. I don't really need more people moving in here because I'm trying to fix the house up so we can sell and move out to the country. I also know that they need this more than my desire to move. So I will suck it up and fix what I can while they are here and continue on with my plans.

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